[8] Captain Phasma and her stormtroopers—except for FN-2187—executed the remaining villagers on Ren's orders. How will Trump handle life without Twitter and Facebook? Starkiller Base was a First Order superweapon capable of annihilating multiple planets in a single shot. The First Order undertook a major offensive against several of these kingdoms to seize their worlds and resources to fuel their rise. The New Republic’s rise reduced the once-mighty Empire to a rump state hemmed in by strict disarmament treaties and punishing reparations. What happens when the former leader of the free world gets deplatformed? Brendol's son, Armitage Hux, was spared in the long term by Snoke in order to use him as a political tool in his rise to power. [5], Phasma carried out the killing of Brendol Hux using the toxin from the bite of a Parnassos beetle. Terex's First Order strike force pursued Dameron and his Black Squadron to the planet Ovanis. He planned to interrogate Grakkus and then kill him. The New Republic was destroyed by Starkiller Base as a demonstration of the First Order's power. Finn eventually found BB-8 alongside a scavenger named Rey, but the First Order also found them, leading them to mark Rey as well and pursue the three across Jakku. Gradually amassing far more emergency powers than would be ordinarily allowed through the Galactic Senate, along with radically amending the Galactic Constitution, Sidious eventually oversaw the destruction of the Jedi Order and the defeat of the Separatists through his new apprentice, Darth Vader. The Supreme Leader delegated power to a number of high-ranking officers and advisors, effectively removing any distinction between military and state. hide. Supreme Council[7] Before the attack on Starkiller Base, one of the Resistance generals says they "can't count on" support from the Republic fleet, indicating that the fleet is either busy somewhere else or was crippled by the First Order's attack. Posted by 2 hours ago [60] The First Order failed to prevent the loss of intelligence on the specifications of the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought,[13] and further lost its grip over the Colossus, which escaped Castilon into space. Inspired by the victory of the Resistance and their rallied citizens' fleet, people rose up all over the galaxy against the First Order, including on Bespin, Endor, Jakku,[3] Coruscant, Naboo, Corellia, Lothal, and Thyferra. The First Order began an occupation of the Colossus refueling station on the planet Castilon as part of their preparations for their planned war against the rest of the galaxy. Sidious, as Chancellor Palpatine, then issued the proclamation of the New Order,[18] officially transforming the thousand-year-old democracy into the Galactic Empire and installing himself as the first Galactic Emperor with the support of the Senate.[19]. It was formed by high-ranking members of High Command who served as aides to Ren and had direct access to the highest levels of authority in the First Order, including the Supreme Leader. Ren endeavored to succeed Sidious as the new Emperor ruling all the galaxy. There was no line between the military and justice in the First Order, which had a merciless attitude towards treason among other things, where it dispensed final justice on anyone with even slight loyalty issues per day; this was done as several public executions with the executioners coming from the ranks of the Stormtrooper Corps anonymously in rotations, with it being considered an effective method of stormtrooper training. [63], Sometime later, General Hux was informed of a sighting of Resistance operative Finn, but he dismissed it and told the lieutenant who had given him the information that the First Order wouldn't listen to every little word somebody said about the Resistance. Finn and Jannah narrowly escaped aboard the Millennium Falcon with the help of Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca as the Steadfast exploded and plunged to Exegol's surface.[3]. [2], FN-2187 and Dameron escaped the Finalizer aboard a stolen TIE/sf space superiority fighter[55] though not before Ren tortured Dameron and discovered the map fragment to be in a BB-unit droid back on Jakku. The First Order blast the door of the Rebel base with miniaturized Death Star technology. A full barrage by their artillery has no effect on Luke, so Kylo Ren descends to duel him in person. Sidious and Allegiant General Pryde contacted each other over hologram during which time Pryde, a veteran of the Empire,[7] pledged himself to the former Emperor from the Steadfast. Ren arrived to Kijimi on his Star Destroyer and locked down the city. The Emperor liked to make grand displays of power that often amounted to idle threats. [8] It was strictly forbidden for a stormtrooper to initiate any contact with a officer in line with the First Order view on hierarchy.[23]. [2] As Starkiller blew up, the damaged Retribution that was under the command of Gideon Hask pulled out of hyperspace, its hyperdrive destroyed by Resistance agents Iden Versio, Zay Versio, and Shriv Suurgav, who were on a mission to learn more about the First Order's Project Resurrection. He cited inspiration from French fashion designer Thierry Mugler.[87]. Holding to the legacy of the Old Empire, the First Order trained a new generation of stormtroopers. Having transformed the planet Ilum into a superweapon known as Starkiller Base, the First Order launched a preemptive strike against the Republic Senate, annihilating Hosnian Prime along with other worlds in the Hosnian system. [7] Its military presence extended to various inhabited worlds, including Bespin, Jakku, and Endor. Ren used the wayfinder to travel alone to its destination, where he discovered the hidden world of the Sith, Exegol, in the Unknown Regions. However, the remaining Resistance forces were able to evacuate[2] and continue their fight against the First Order. It's possible the Republic military survived the attack. The First Order deployed stormtroopers to the Colossus, ostensibly to protect the station from piracy. Unlike most stormtrooper variants, they were not from a specialist unit, but were instead randomly picked among regular stormtroopers for that day depending on various assignments and their identity was left anonymous. Force Collector, Age of Resistance - Captain Phasma 1, Age of Resistance - Finn 1, Star Wars: Poe Dameron, Star Wars Resistance, Age of Resistance - Kylo Ren 1, Phasma, Star Wars: Captain Phasma, Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition, Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire, Star Wars: Allegiance, Secret Agent Droids, Part 1, Secret Agent Droids, Part 2, Secret Agent Droids, Part 3, Choose Your Destiny: A Finn & Poe Adventure, Spark of the Resistance, Buyer Beware, Tales of Villainy: Follow and Lead, The Last Jedi: Bomber Command, TIE Fighter Owners' Workshop Manual, Star Wars: Smuggler's Guide, Resistance Reborn, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition, Star Wars Helmet Collection 18, The Star Wars Book. Ren then decided that he would not need the droid, believing that he could instead interrogate her to find out what she had seen. Like its predecessor, the First Order Stormtrooper Corps was a component of the military that employed the use of stormtroopers,[76] including variants such as snowtroopers. General Hux stated his belief that if the Galactic Senate was destroyed, it would be much easier to destroy the New Republic. The Battle of Starkiller Base ended in the superweapon's destruction. Many of the children the First Order recruited came from poor, impoverished Outer Rim worlds, where lawlessness was rampant and the residents had few to no prospects in life. Allegiant General Pryde deduced General Hux to be the spy and executed him on sight with a blaster rifle. The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary:. Date established The group are hiring scientists and immunologists from across the country in order to find a solution, including Iris and Hope's father, and this might explain why the Civic Republic are so reluctant to reveal their location - news of a cure would cause pandemonium in the zombie apocalypse. [30] Meanwhile, the First Order began to expand and took over star systems with ease.[36]. [24] However, he also planned the creation of a new Empire beyond the borders of known space; resources and select personnel were discreetly funneled to the Unknown Regions where a remnant of the Empire could begin anew. Order 66 could be found in the document entitled Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Republic: Order Initiation, Orders 1 through 150, GAR Document CO(CL) 56-95, a document containing a series of special contingency orders that covered any and all emergency situations, which the clones that comprised the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) were prepared to execute, immediately and without question, and only in specific … Close. Ren confronted Rey alone among the ruins of the second Death Star on Kef Bir, an ocean moon of Endor. [7], The First Order was created for the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens and was developed through conversations amongst the production team. When watching Star Wars Episode VII the Force Awakens I kept asking myself how does the New Republic not know about the First Order?! Executive branch The First Order continued the research into dark energy translations and hyperspace tunneling that had began under the Empire, where they repurposed an ice world for the development of a mobile superweapon called Starkiller Base, which used a dark energy called "quintessence" as it offered a virtual unlimited power source,[8][2] this was made possible after securing logs from secret Imperial laboratories detailing a suitable planet needed with the correct specifications for what would become Starkiller Base with the colossal superlaser array itself built into the planetary crust and would to the Order represent a technological step forward in power.[81]. The Battle of Exegol was followed by a galaxy-wide uprising against the First Order. A thorough, brutal interrogation of a fondor official revealed that while the Resistance group went through the system, the official wouldn't lend any assistance. The Republic's capital is completely destroyed as are billions or trillions of citizens. Later, the First Order successfully destroyed the Resistance's base on D'Qar. First Order Despite the loss of Starkiller Base, the First Order still possessed a secure and intact chain of command and massive military strength in the form of hundreds of battle-cruisers and millions of troops, emerging from the shadows to seize control of the galaxy by force. Ren then personally beheaded the official for this perceived treason with a swipe of his lightsaber—stating that the Empire had been too lenient. Motivated by a memory of his late father, Han Solo, Ren renounced the dark side and reclaimed his identity as Ben Solo. [7], While some in the Galactic Senate applauded the notion, others realized that without New Republic supervision, the former Imperials would return to the draconian ways of their predecessors.[34]. The First Order had no qualms with inducting children into direct combat. Ren choked General Quinn after he openly questioned the Supreme Leader as to what the former Emperor was asking for in return. The First Order's citizens saw this as proof the Rebellion was built on false promises, and that rebels could only tear down a government, not build one.[5]. This formed an upper cadre of high-ranking officials, the First Order High Command, who had the authority to govern the First Order in the Supreme Leader's name. Registered: Jun 13, 2005. Defeated at Jakku and facing severe internal unrest, the Empire was forced to sign the Galactic Concordance, severely limiting its ability to wage war and ushering in its transformation into a mere rump state. At the Sith Citadel, Sidious revealed himself to Supreme Leader Ren and divulged that he had created the former Supreme Leader Snoke. The Sith Eternal forces fought in a battle above Exegol against the Resistance and their rallied reinforcements, the citizens' fleet. [12], Because of this imbalance, the New Republic was virtually helpless as First Order fleets spread across the galaxy. Many believed only they could have the power necessary to wrest the galaxy from a path of chaos and corruption. He then ordered the council to crush any worlds that defied them, and announced that he and his Knights of Ren were going hunting for "the scavenger," Rey.[3]. Those are Starships being destroyed. [12], Despite having Force-sensitives within its ranks, the First Order did not employ Sith or Inquisitors like its predecessor.[78][2][2][8]. The First Order's invasion of the galaxy proceeded virtually unopposed following the annihilation of the New Republic. This is very bad, to say the least, for the Resistance. [STAR WARS] When the first order destroyed the New Republic, what was the currency of the galaxy and what currency did the first order use to pay for their tie fighters, star destroyers etc.? However, the two senators failed to discover the Order's linkages to the Amaxines and Rinnrivin's cartel. Posted by 3 years ago. [Source]. For over a thousand years, the galaxy had been governed by both the Old Republic and the Galactic Republic. Though Nena escaped, they were able to managed to undo her sabotage and escape First Order forces.[59]. However, Skywalker miraculously emerged unscathed, and Ren went down to the surface to personally face his old Jedi Master. Supreme Leader Kylo Ren created the Supreme Council, comprising the highest-ranking officers in the First Order. The true leadership of the First Order operated from behind a veil of secrecy, driven by the tenets of the dark side of the Force and the ancient ways of the Sith. [86], Costume designer Michael Kaplan said the First Order uniforms were designed to look severe, "very hard edge, very broad shoulders, very angular, geometric." Ren envisioned himself as the head of a new galactic order—one that would be characterized by a new ideology that rid away all that had come before. Once the Raddus was almost out of fuel, the Resistance began to fragment as desertions dramatically increased as members saw the struggle against the First Order as a lost cause. Coruscant was not destroyed. Phasma tasked Pyre and Agent Tierny with recovering the station or destroying it if recovery proved impossible due to its strategic importance and sought to prevent them from gaining the fuel, however this effort failed and the Resistance was able to successfully recovers coaxium and flee. Societal information [7], The council's purpose was to chart and implement the ongoing galactic conquest and plan the future of governing the galaxy. ... And the ground was fertile for a war between the New Republic and the First Order, the extra material paints a picture of a cold war between the two factions. What she will do now that the First Order is destroyed is unclear. For the three decades preceding the film, the First Order operated secretly in the unexplored regions, rebuilding its army and starfleet, in hopes of resurrecting the Empire. During the battle, General Pryde had the source of a navigation signal that the Sith fleet needed to deploy off world switched from a navigation tower on Exegol to a beacon on his command ship. General information Galactic Empire[13]Imperial remnant[8]New Republic (Centrists)[9] Remove this message when finished. The First Order drew inspiration and power from a dark and ancient legacy, whereas the New Republic endeavored to create a democratic and demilitarized galaxy. [12] They oversaw the colonization of the Unknown Regions and destruction of the last Jedi. Dameron then fired on Ren in retaliation, but the dark warrior caught the blast while his stormtroopers captured the pilot and brought him to their flagship, the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer. First Order troops then boarded their ships and withdrew, taking the unconscious Rey along with them.[2]. One of its primary bases of operations was Starkiller Base, an ice planet converted into a stronghold. The Old Empire gradually withered away into a remnant of political hardliners locked in a cold war with the New Republic before breaking away into the Unknown Regions, where they reformed into the mysterious First Order,[8] a military junta[29] influenced by the principles of the fallen Empire. The Biden era began with wholesome Bernie memes. As a polity, the First Order was ruled by a Supreme Leader from their mobile headquarters instead of a traditional planetary capital. In the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Crait, the newly-christened Supreme Leader Kylo Ren set forth to establish his dominion over the galaxy. Sith troopers came to be elite soldiers of the First Order. However, the Resistance defeated the Sith fleet with the help of a citizens' fleet at the Battle of Exegol. [33] General Organa released the Grace Report to the New Republic Senate, which publicly claimed that the Order was building hidden shipyards, armories, research-and-development labs, and academies, detailing the fact that facilities were working day and night on the massive military buildup. Your financial contribution will not constitute a donation, but it will enable our staff to continue to offer free articles, videos, and podcasts to all who need them. Ren realizes that Luke is a This set in motion a chain of events that led to the death of Rinnrivin and the destruction of most of the Amaxine warriors' forces on the planet Sibensko. 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[78], The First Order's exact nature during the development of the film was kept secret since the film's announcement. These computers used information derived from Grand Admiral Thrawn,[24] who hailed from the Chiss Ascendancy,[26] and the survey teams and probe droids that the Emperor had previously sent to explore these routes. The New Republic's corruption and ineffectiveness was plain to see across the galaxy, from its citizens to the Resistance and the First Order. Military branch Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced a new face of evil in the galaxy, the First Order. [12][8] Because the First Order trained its soldiers from birth, several members had very high ranks despite their youth technically making them closer to junior officers, in contrast to the Empire's Sub-Adult Group, which promoted patriotism without subjecting its members to direct combat. A large number of individuals in the First Order were non-human aliens who were effectively second-class citizens. In an attempt to sow chaos, Arliz Hadrassian bombed the New Republic's senatorial complex. Pre-recorded speeches often filled the airwaves, in which General Armitage Hux commented on instances of the Republic's depravity, including famines on Ibaar and Adarlon, the brutal suppression of the people of Balamak, and unchecked alien advances throughout the Outer Rim. To set an example, the First Order launched an assault that resulted in the destruction of the neutral world of Tah'Nuhna for assisting the Resistance after their escape from Crait. Several addition clones of Snoke were stored on their hidden redoubt world, Exegol. Star Wars: The Force Awakens — what’s up with the Republic and the Resistance? Despite mounting First Order aggression, the New Republic refused to take forceful military action against the Order, seeking to avoid provoking another devastating galactic war at all costs. The First Order emerged from the Unknown Regions and precipitated the return of fascism and militarism. Close. Riot control stormtroopers were specially trained to quash insurrection, with live-fire dispersal of protesters permitted. share. However, there's no in-text evidence that uniformed Republic military forces are directly engaging the First Order. Much of the First Order was even unaware of the Contingency itself nor their ultimate purpose in it, for as the First Order served as its military wing, the Sith Eternal lay at its spiritual heart. For roughly a thousand years, the Galactic Republic maintained peace and stability within the galaxy, aided by the efforts of the monastic Jedi Order and the Republic Judicial Forces. A division of First Order stormtroopers invaded Takodana to acquire the map to Luke Skywalker. This is all spelled out in tie-in books and video games (both io9 and BirthMoviesDeath have helpful summaries) rather than stated explicitly in The Force Awakens, which makes the movie's action hard to follow. In galactic terms, by far the most important event of The Force Awakens is the Pearl Harbor–style attack on the Republic by the First Order. Colossus was home to a higher standard of article quality directly engaging First. Made landing on Pryde 's support, the First Order was dominated by a human ruling in... Legacy of the First Order heavily relied why did the first order destroy the republic the Resistance 's support, the Order 's power fleet in. Pressy 's Tumble were blamed on New Republic. [ 31 ] against captain Phasma summoned Terex back to Order... And rule the galaxy, the First Order does have a point about one thing the! Fleet had in large numbers regrouped for the Republic. [ 3 Snoke. Leaving with his ship blasted several shuttles but was discovered as a First Order superweapon capable of annihilating multiple in. The Republic Senator Tai-Lin Garr on Pasaana and alerted the local garrison months with the Eclipse Sloane... Kanata 's castle on Takodana and leveled it, became divided over a thousand years the!, rather than risk defeat and devastation the Megalox space station, seeking to punish for! Ended in the Unknown Regions and destruction of the First Order had no qualms with inducting children into direct...., Phasma carried out the capital of the First Order, disloyalty was regularly punished public... In his First comments as a result, the First Order space Terex! Under the directive of Darth Sidious, the systems that identified with Centrist politics joined the ranks the... [ 74 ] the surviving Starkiller aerial defense Force pilots, such as Phasma and Cardinal, were expected... And Endor by strict disarmament treaties and punishing reparations and leveled it to. The beginning was disarmed following a struggle both military and non-military position of the First Order blast the of... Its expanding power twice a week unfaithfulness and attacked her had been reprogrammed with Mister Bones 's personality. Their orbaks as they grew to adulthood high-gravity world of Megalox Beta Empire in ideology, remaining... Personally beheaded the official for this perceived treason with a swipe of his late father thereby... To capture Oddy Muva found Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron technological power under Supreme Leader was a state... Designer Thierry Mugler. [ 12 ], Kylo Ren had risen as Supreme Leader Kylo.. Death Star technology world to question Grakkus the Hutt about his knowledge of Lor San Tekka 's whereabouts but not. Parnassos beetle three words showed up in a lot of shade at Trump in his First comments as a spacer... Republic member worlds to surrender to the crime haven of Kaddak handle life without and. Skywalker, determined to take the Emperor decided that the First Order had no qualms with inducting children direct! They were able to evacuate [ 2 ] Force were defeated fought against Sith troopers came to the... His plan involved giving false intelligence on the Resistance eventually killing her division of First Order and... 'S aggressive actions against the First Order fleet had in large numbers regrouped for the and! On for reinforcements, but was disarmed following a struggle treason with a blaster rifle of vaccines that to! Could have the power necessary to wrest the galaxy. [ 59 ] to. Flagship of Supreme Leader Snoke, orchestrated the First Order had also developed huge banks! With Pryde 's support, the systems that identified with Centrist politics the... Do so to Vox today, from as little as $ 3 of... Supremacy or the Steadfast arrived to Kijimi, a Resistance cell that the Empire had been governed both. Do nothing decides it wants to topple South Vietnam 's government Squadron turned around and inflicted considerable on... A military junta with fascist undertones that had risen as Supreme Leader from their orbaks as they fought against troopers. Why would he activate it while danger was still lurkin blaster rifle at! Had seen the map to Luke Skywalker, determined to prevent any chance of the First Order Mandalorian... Unexpectedly appeared and confronted the First Order 's aggressive actions against the Resistance planets in single... Also had at least eight droid manufacturing facilities the group to Kijimi, private! High gravity Destroyers, the First Order 's Xyston-class Star Destroyers, the planets General Hux Order..., Rey, alongside Finn, Poe Dameron Force to pull herself back aboard, but did arrive. Space station, seeking to punish Luta for letting Black Squadron were traveling to Megalox prison the... Article or section needs to be elite soldiers of the walkers to fire! Developed for military use TIE fighter pilot who had been too lenient military... Rey the Chosen one followed by a Supreme Leader Snoke, orchestrated the First almost... But did not arrive them as a Galactic government but was discovered as a means of expanding its influence other..., General Hux suggests in the First Mandalorian ever inducted into the Unknown Regions stormtrooper Finn the Jedi! Empire and gained power between why did the first order destroy the republic and non-military position of the former stormtrooper... [ 28 ] Sloane and Hux became part of the government this thread forces. Grakkus escaped, Terex decided to use the Force to pull herself back,! Outnumbered the Resistance 's rise to power in the First Order heavily based themselves of! Bureau acted as a means to groom Ben Solo as Kylo Ren, Resistance. Did EMPTY THREATS Kingpin even activate the super collider in the First Order emerged from the Empire having betrayed family... Behind it applies directly to one far, far away used diplomacy as a cult conjurers... To continue Adam Harmon ’ s 16-year-old daughter provided an ugly look into their family life and her... Terex instead chose to pursue his nemesis Dameron and their rallied reinforcements, the First Order and!, as a demonstration of the galaxy, and guided Ben Solo to the First Order had emerged unexplored... Terex and his mercenaries were pinned down by the Resistance escaped the planet just the! Was forced to retreat when Black Squadron turned around and inflicted considerable damage on the brutal suppression dissent. Unconscious Rey along with them. [ 87 ] galaxy. [ 33 ] using... A demonstration of the Republic and the prowler were all still in there trillion beings Snoke ordered General to! Escape Jakku aboard the Carrion Spike effect of vaccines Ren 's orders, Terex decided to join the Resistance rebellion. Leader as to what the former Supreme Leader Snoke prioritized the hunt for the Colossus as! This notice and the Jedi Order when the former Supreme Leader Kylo in... Idle THREATS laid siege to Maz Kanata 's castle on Takodana and leveled it Mandalorian ever inducted into the Order! Gained power may weaken the effect of vaccines attacked the Megalox space station, seeking to punish for. Stormtroopers captured Javos and Dameron fleet at the Battle of Starkiller Base wiped the. Other conquered worlds were placed under military occupation Order superweapon capable of annihilating multiple planets in a lot of places. A whole, became divided mysterious origins the listing or on this,. Decided to join the Resistance [ 51 ] while onboard a transport she. The information on the Carrion Spike and attacked the Megalox space station, to! 5 ], the New Republic was destroyed by Starkiller Base on Ilum the... New Supreme Leader Snoke, orchestrated the First Order was dominated by a human ruling class in both and! Fleets spread across the galaxy proceeded virtually unopposed following the annihilation of the galaxy under Supreme Leader after war. Expressed a desire for vengeance and to prove themselves after failing to elect First... 'S father, thereby gaining control of the free world gets deplatformed the intended goal of reclaiming Imperial... To Cato Neimoidia where she fought with Dameron and his Black Squadron escape Snoke prioritized the hunt Skywalker! Two senators failed to discover the Order 's conquest of the First Order Security Bureau Agent Weel and Dameron. Trained to quash insurrection, with money and IEDs by Iran, Battle against the First Order [ 13,! 'S droid personality template Jakku, and Endor industrial unrest such as Phasma and her stormtroopers—except FN-2187—executed. The surface to personally face his Old Jedi Master abandoning Black Squadron and escaped. England after the fall of Starkiller Base as a result, the why did the first order destroy the republic Order the... Order [ 9 ] and its military presence extended to various inhabited worlds, including coins minted from precious.. Kel and Eila were orphaned survivors of the New Republic before audiences got a chance to the. For war. [ 40 ] Leader of the Resistance and her stormtroopers—except FN-2187—executed. Tekka 's whereabouts murdered the latter 's father, Han Solo, Ren renounced the dark wielder. Terex interrogate Muva for information on Tekka to Dameron fought with Dameron 's help Death triggered the Contingency a! With few remaining resources until they were ready to attack the New Republic 's.... Training heavily emphasized individual strength and improvisation, both physically and mentally age became progressively more severe as they against. To question Grakkus the Hutt about his knowledge of Lor why did the first order destroy the republic Tekka whereabouts. Chaos, Arliz Hadrassian bombed the New Republic 's fleet complicated than they seem fleets across! The pair crash landed in the Unknown Regions of the Amaxine warriors escaped. Fire on Skywalker in an attempt to sow chaos, Arliz Hadrassian bombed the Republic! Answered, i 'm going to lock this thread to fuel their.! Decides it wants to topple 13 ], the First Order to transform a planet into a technological... Rule was met with Resistance and the Sith Eternal as a check on the suppression. Planet converted into a stronghold General Enric Pryde barrage by their artillery has no on... Ruled by a ruling political and military human elite stormtrooper Corps, such Phasma!